Sponsorship USA, Inc.

We are a new socially responsible company undergoing progressive expansion.

We cordially invite socially conscious qualified individuals of the community to interview  with us to become members of the board of directors. 

The ideal candidates are people who will make a financial commitment to the success of our organization. Possess the desire and ability to fundraise and  may be interested in becoming involved in the board or know those who would be interested in the position.

The candidates are commercial business leaders, bankers, community leaders, attorneys, engineers, economists, real estate specialists and appraisers. Anyone who cares about our local economy, the need to improve job opportunities, helps provide affordable, safe housing and understands the need to enhance the well being of their communities.

Staff employment positions will be available as of March/April 2015.

We will start interviewing by mid February 2015.

Veterans will receive priority consideration.

We will accept résumés and interview qualified candidates from the Long Island, NY area.

Positions available:

- Construction Manager specializing in residential renovation and remodeling.

- Property Manager in charge of rentals, sales, advertisement and maintenance.

- Specialist in charge of grant writing, fundraising from foundations, corporations and governmental entities.

- Residential construction workers

- Bookkeeper

- Landscapers

- Cleanup workers

Please submit your résumé and salary requirement for prompt consideration via E-mail to the following address: info@sponsorshipusa.org.